Superheated Steam Water Tube Boilers
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Marine boilers, such as those in the photo above, were once the heart of many
engine rooms. Boilers generated the steam that drove turbines. Boiler jobs aboard
ships are becoming less common, but they are still common on shore. Follow this
link to learn about a
Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic Job. Aboard a ship, lighting off
a boiler used to be a laborious process. And it would take hours to gradually raise
temperature and pressure in a manner that didn't cause thermal strains on
superheater and water tube elements.
The USNS Comfort (T-AH-20), at right and above, is one of two Mercy-class hospital ships
owned by the U.S. Navy. The unarmed vessel is crewed by government civilian mariners and
medical professionals. It is part of the US Military Sealift Command fleet. The vessel is 694' long,
106' wide, and draws 33' of water. Her deep draft reveals her origins as a tanker that was
converted into a hospital ship. She displaces 69,360 tons and makes 17.5 knots, powered by a
steam plant that includes the boilers. (Source USMSC)