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Car carrier ships are special purpose vessels designed to carry as many cars as
possible. They are equipped with large loading ramps that enable them to load and
offload automobiles as quickly as possible. These vessels are also called RO/RO
ships, meaning “roll on/roll off.” The advantages over LO/LO vessels (“lift on/lift off”) are
considerable as vehicle preparation for transport is simplified.
It isn’t uncommon for these vessels to carry 5,000 or 6,000 automobiles. Their
ventilation systems must be engineered to handle the exhaust gases of all that rolling
stock. When the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines carrier
Cougar Ace lost stability in the Aleutian
Islands in 2006, she was carrying close to 5,000 cars, including Mazda 3, RX-8, and
MX-5 models. All the vehicles were subsequently scrapped.

The strategic implications of these types of ships are obvious for the armed forces.
The ability to load enough trucks and jeeps to provision a battalion make them
valuable assets for rapid deployment and military sealift operations.
Car carriers, or RO/RO vessels, are easily recognized by their simple, uncluttered box-
like appearance. Naval architects often design these ships to clear the 110’ wide locks
of the Panama Canal. That’s why they often look like their sides have been shaved off.
Job opportunities on these vessels are global in nature, materializing in fleets
operated out of Europe and Asia. Wallenius Wilhelmsen operates a large fleet and
employs over 3,000 people. See
Jobs at Wallenius Wilhelmsen at their website. They
are jointed owned by Swedish and Norwegian companies.  
The car carrier M/V Isolde is a PCTC, which stands for pure car pure truck carrier. Built in 1985,
by Kockums Malmö of Sweden, she has a capacity of 5,300 cars, or 2,420 cars and 500 trucks
on her 12 decks. She is 51,071 gross tons, 198 meters long, 32.3 meters wide, with a maximum
draft of 11.6 meters. She is powered by a Sulzer 7RTA 78 that gives her 13.5 MW power. Being
a Swedish flag vessel, her specifications are listed in metric units. She has a sistership M
. She is operated by a crew of fifteen. Source - Wallenius Wilhelmsen.
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