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Where are we? For time immemorial, safety of life at sea and knowing your position
have always concerned mariners. With electronic navigation, automated identification
systems, GPS tracking systems, ECDIS, satellite navigation systems, we've come a
long way from the days of traditional gyrocompass repeaters and dead reckoning. One
of the well known employers in this sector include
Jeppeson, at listed employers.
GPS and digital data positions can be found as Delorme . A giant in the field of radar
and electronic navigation equipment is  
Raytheon, at listed employers,.
We have some bad news for any of
our friends who plan to be working as
deck officers 25,000 years from
now. See the celestial sphere model at
left with the earth at its center. Do you
see the star Polaris at the end of the
handle of the Little Dipper (the tip of the
blue arrow points to it). Because of
something known as precession (the
gyroscopic shift in the earth's axis),
the constellation Draco will move into
center stage and the star Thuban will
become the new north star, taking the
honor away from Polaris.
Think of the
vertical axis of
the gyroscope as
the vertical axis
of the earth.
AIS Technology and GPS have changed navigation. Magellan is one of the employers
with opportunities for people in this industry.