Deckhand - The Traditional Entry-Level Position
Deckhand Job - Entry-Level Shipboard Position - Unlicensed Commercial Mariner
Qualified and non-qualified ratings in deck department
It’s funny that we sometimes tend to think in terms of high-level positions in this
industry. Where are those jobs that don't require a 1600 ton U.S. Coast Guard
license? Are you a Designated Duty Engineer, rated at 1,000 horsepower or 4,000
horsepower? Did you satisfy your STCW certifications? Did you qualify in ARPA,
GMDSS, or bridge resource management?
But for many jobseekers, it comes down to more basic issues about jobs for
ordinary seamen. How do you get that position for an unqualified rating in the
engine room so that you can someday become a QMED, or qualified member of
the engineering department?
For candidates seeking entry-level positions in the industry, the most valuable
job resources are the ones that don’t always require a 100 ton captain license or
qualified ratings in the deck department as able seamen or lifeboatmen. Here’s a
lead for an entry-level position as a
deckhand with the federal government.
Hopefully, it can be an opportunity for commercial mariners at the unlicensed level
to have a crack at entering this industry.