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Few things ring fear in the hearts of professional mariners as a shipboard fire. When
you’re on a ship at three a.m., YOU are the fire department. While it’s one thing to
study about type A fires and type B fires in a book, things are unpleasant in a real fire.
Acrid fumes from burning electrical equipment can sear the lungs, flashlights can be
useless in thick smoke. Amidst violent flames, it can be difficult to tell if a large
machinery space has been evacuated before you let loose with a blanket of CO2.
In the photo above, the USS Lafayette (formerly the Normandie) burns on New York's
West Side as fire fighting vessels pour tons of water into her on February 10, 1942.
Although the Lafayette was a victim of fire, the actual cause of her destruction was the
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Events unfolded in the worst possible
Firefighting is a very important aspect of the maritime industry. Although employment
opportunities do not arise as frequently as other sectors of the industry, there are a few
resources, such as Kidde Fire Fighting, listed on
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In an odd bit of trivia, the Lafayette had taken the Blue Riband from the RMS Queen Mary,