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When it comes to work, we tend to be matter-of-fact about it. Sort of like… I need to get
out of bed and get to the plant because I have rent due and I need to buy school
supplies for the kids. Working brings us money for the things we need in life, obviously
But what if work was something bigger than paying bills? What if it was altruistic? What
if it was based on ideals, principals or moral convictions… such as saving wildlife,
providing medical care in third world countries, or campaigning to stop global warming.
There are positions in such organizations, BUT… they often involve an element of
personal charity and philanthropy.
Jobs with Volunteer, Charity, Philanthropic & Activist Organizations
Working with activist organization, philanthropy or charitable organization often means the
cause will need your services for free. We’re familiar with this concept… it’s called
volunteering. But volunteering is for some people and it isn’t for others. It calls for an
altruistic nature to be so unselfish, philanthropic and generous. Some people can do it,
some people can’t, and some people would like to do it but can’t afford to do it.
It’s not for us to evaluate any
political cause, campaign,
philanthropic endeavor or
activist organization. If you’re
interested in personal
philanthropy, that’s up to you.
We simply bring your
attention to the organizations
that seek people to work
aboard their vessels.

The organization Sea
Shepherd, which you’ve
probably already seen on the
popular TV show Whale
Wars, seeks volunteers.
Mercy Ships, which operates
hospital ships to provide
medical services to those in
need in Africa, seeks

Mercy Ships

Sea Shepherd
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Greenpeace, with
campaigns involving global
warming and third world
shipyard workers being
exposed to toxins, seeks
volunteers. However, in
addition to volunteer
opportunities, Greenpeace
mentions salaried seagoing
positions on its website.

As we said, we do not
evaluate wildlife
conservation, environmental
protection, third world
charities or other
philanthropic group. If you’re
interested in volunteering,
you’ll need to learn for
yourself more about what a
particular activist group,
charity or philanthropy does
and what its ideals stand for.
Anastasis was formerly used by the Group Mercy Ships to provide medical care in Africa in
regions where people do not have access to hospitals. There is a link to them below.