Gibbs & Cox
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Gibbs & Cox
Gibbs & Cox an engineering and design firm offering services in naval architecture,
marine engineering, and consulting. Their main office is in Arlington, Virginia with
other offices in New York, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
The firm’s most prominent project was perhaps the design of the liner
S.S. United
. They have also designed well-known classes of navy ships including the
Knox class frigates and Belknap class cruisers. They regularly seek candidates for
engineering and naval architect positions. To learn more, visit their site by clicking
here .
The guided-missile cruiser U.S.S. Fox was a Belknap class vessel, designed by Gibbs &
Cox. Without the requirements for stealth characteristics demanded in modern vessels,
Belknaps possessed a beauty of line and form belonging to an earlier generation of
Why is a naval architect's job so important? Go to Jobs on Large Cargo Carriers. Watch
the short video clip showing the flexing of a container ship in rough seas. After seeing
tons of steel bend and flex like a diving board, you'll realize that someone is grateful for
that naval architect who knew what he or she was doing with that design.