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Sperry Marine has its origins in the merging of Sperry Marine, C. Plath and Decca in
1997. Two of the constituents, Sperry and C. Plath, were Litton companies. Today,
the company supplies navigation, communication and radar equipment for
commercial (
jobs on large commercial vessels) and military vessels.
In wartime, Sperry developed fire control systems for the Navy as well as developing
improvements in gyrocompass and navigation systems. It is a prominent name in
conventional and inertial navigation systems for yachts, commercial ships and
military vessels.
Their products include autopilot systems, communications equipment, ECDIS
(integrated navigation & bridge systems), fish track plotters, gyrocompasses, inertial
navigation systems, navigation sensors, positioning equipment, marine radar,
voyage data recorders, speed logs, ship stabilizers and defense systems. Click
here to go to the Sperry site. (Raytheon, another contractor hosts job fairs)