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Engineering is a solid background for many openings in the maritime industry
It's funny that the humble marine engineer can wear so many hats in the maritime
industry, both afloat and ashore. There are traditional shipboard engineers who
wear coveralls and stand watches in the bowels of tankers or government vessels.
Marine engineers can come from academies, union schools or work their way up
the hawsepipe.
While the academies still foster
turbine driven training ships, the
only place a new graduate is likely
to see steam today is in a
museum ship. In the U.S.
Government Sector, there are a
few MSC hospital ships where a
watch officer might have to light off
a boiler, but even the United
States Navy has put most of its
steam-driven vessels out to
pasture, such as the
Kitty Hawks
Iowas. In all fairness, the
academies know this as well, but
recognize their ships enable
graduates to sit for the steam
component of the 3rd A/E exam.
By and large, the seagoing
engineer will stand watches over
large slow-speed diesels such as
Wartsilas or MANs, usually with
most of that time in a soundproof
air conditioned booth monitoring
temperature, pressure,
amperages and other operating

Which maritime academy's
training ship is this? Click
Private and government sector job
opportunities also avail themselves in
shipyards.  Entry level technical positions can
have career paths leading to project engineer
and yard superintendent titles. Many of the
nation's yards are government jobs, with their
government employees designated by
GS-Level salary designations.

Private sector and government sector electric
utility companies, hospitals, large schools
and other institutional type facilities may
provide career opportunities for the engineer
wishing to come ashore. Shoreside
opportunities also include surveyor for
classification societies such as the American
Bureau of Shipping or port engineer with a
large fleet operator.

Whatever the career path chosen, it's clear
that many options avail themselves to
qualified candidates both in the private,
government and municipal employment
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) is one of the
largest employers in the government
sector offering seagoing jobs. They
currently post and opening for a
Second Assistant Engineer. Click
here to go to the Government Jobs
page of our website with more
information about this and other
federal government positions.
U.S. Shipping Partners posts an opening
for a third assistant engineer. Click
to go to learn more about this opportunity.