the naval architect
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The venerable naval architect is the expert
on floatation, stability and powering
requirements. Their education requires
courses in math, physics, statics and
dynamics, strength of materials,
metallurgy coupled with naval architecture
courses covering ship construction,
design, stability, hydrodynamic resistance
and more. The result of such a solid
education is that a good naval architect
can probably picture a ship's metacenter
(that's point "M" on the drawing below) at
that imaginary point overhead while
standing atop a mountain of iron pellets in
the hold of an ore carrier.
Schools recognized for excellence in a naval architecture education are Webb
Institute, University of Michigan, and some of the maritime academies. Strong
computer skills, such as CAD (computer assisted design), are essential for a
naval architect.
To get an appreciation for some of
the issues that a naval architect
must address, go to
Jobs on Large
Cargo Carriers. A short video clip
showing the flexing of a container
ship in rough seas speaks worlds
about the importance of solid
engineering in the design of a ship.
Situated on Long Island Sound, Webb
Institute is one of the most respected names
in a solid education for naval architecture.
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