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The field can be appealing due to the interesting subject matter and international law
aspects of many of the lawsuits. However, it's a narrow field and difficult to say if legal
positions will remain steady or grow in the future. We'll probably see more room for
recent graduates in the supporting areas, such as paralegal positions, legal
assistant positions and legal secretary jobs.    
Legal Jobs at Law Firms
We're sometimes asked why there aren't more paralegal jobs, legal assistant jobs,
or attorney jobs here. The truth is that there just aren't that many to go around. There's
a fairly large concentration of
Law Jobs at Gulf Talent focused on the Middle East.,
Many of the international law firms have operations in the United States, Europe,
Asia and beyond. Some of the large law firms with maritime practices include
Holland Knight, Blank Rome and Nixon Peapody.
Private sector law jobs versus
public sector law jobs
Is there a difference between legal
jobs with private law firms and those
with government entities?
In the private sector, attorneys may
be required to fulfill a quota of billable
hours, which can be a source of
pressure on a new associate. The
firm's partners will usually not have
the same pressure to generate a
given number of billable hours, but
they face responsibilities of
managing and developing new
accounts. Government and in-house
legal departments tend to provide
more set hours and don't usually
have billable hour requirements. But
again, everything will depend on the
particular operation.
Legal Jobs - Paralegal Jobs, Attorney Jobs        Additional Opportunities 12
Local Counsel and In-House Legal Jobs
Law firms are generally the first place one may look to find a legal job. Although the
reason for that is obvious, there are legal jobs in the maritime industry outside of
private firms. While these don't arise every day, there are jobs as in-house counsels
with maritime shipping companies. There are also civil and criminal division jobs
with the United States Department of Justice.

The same goes for the lot of candidates seeking employment as paralegals, legal
assistants, legal secretaries and court reporters. The pickings will be more abundant
at private law firms but it is worth keeping in mind that some of the larger shipping
companies do have their in-legal departments with corporate staff. When there is an
overflow of work, it may be delegated to a private firm on a per diem or case by case