Tugboat - A Day in the Harbor

A New Children's Book

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This is a new children's book,
printed in color, about three kids
who spend a day aboard a harbor
tug. The kids enjoy an experience
which is both fun and educational at
the same time. They learn what a
harbor tug does during its workday.
They learn what the hardworking
people on a tugboat do. Captain
Smith steers and navigates the tug.
Ed, the engineer, works down below
in the tug's engine room, making
sure the 12-cylinder turbocharged
engine works well.

In the galley, Maria, the tugboat's
devoted cook serves up meals for
the crew, And the kids also meet
Tim and John, the strong deckhands
who handle all the lines, Although
Pegasus is not the biggest tug
around, it bravely handles all the job
that come before it. This includes
helping a container ship dock,
responding to an oil spill, bringing a
barge up a long, winding river. The
tug also assists a cruise ship.
New Children's Book:  Tugboat - A Day in the Harbor
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