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We've compiled some of the available options to the
right. This is only a partial list. There are smaller and
less well-known institutions out there and if you do
some research, you'll come with more private
companies offering maritime education, training,
certification and license preparation.

Money will play a role in your decision. But remember,
there are options such as student loans or trying to go
with a company that offers tuition reimbursement.
Money is naturally a big factor, but it shouldn't be the
sole factor. What you get in return for the money does

Although we mention law school briefly in the site, that
really isn't an option considered by too many maritime
industry professionals because the investment is
large and future of the maritime attorney job market
isn't necessarily certain.

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The Calhoun School
The Cahoun School
offers a wide array of
engine and deck courses
Calhoun School Page
Maine Maritime
Academy Maine
Maritime Academy offers
majors and more.
Maine Maritime Academy
Great Lakes Maritime
Academy Part of
Northwestern Michican
Gt Lakes Maritime Academy

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