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Propulsion Equipment Jobs In The Maritime Industry
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The video above gives good insight into the diesel - electric power plant of the RCCL
cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. The ship uses diesel engines to turn generators that
produce electricity. The electricity is used to power azimuthing pods mounted
beneath the vessel.
ABB, formerly known as Asea Brown Boveriimanufactures them.

Oasis of the Seas: Propelling Oasis - The best bloopers are a click away
Surveys by the  American Bureau of Shipping ,or Det Norske Veritas and other
classification societies are used to keep such vessels compliant with regs. For the
engineer who wishes to come ashore, surveyor jobs are a career shifting option.
The RCCL giant Oasis of the Sea (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Jobs) uses bow
thrusters to enhance its maneuverability in close quarters ship handling operations.
In addition to traditional marine propulsion, marine engineers must understand
azimuthing pods and such thrusters.
Thrustmasters produces thrusters.
If you view the video above, you'll
get a quick tour of the machinery
spaces and dry docking of Royal
Caribbean Cruise Line's
Oasis of
the Seas
. Aside from the mind
boggling dimensions of the ship,
she is different from traditional
ships in her propulsion system.
She has six Wartsila diesel
engines (above) that generate
power that energize the motors
(below) that turn propellers in three
azipods beneath the ship. In
addition to powering these unique
azimuthing drives supplied by ABB,
formerly known as Asea Brown
Boveri (link above to their
employment section), the electrical
output is used to power four bow
thrusters whose rating is
approximately 30,000 horsepower.
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