the deck officer
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The Deck Officer
These officers oversee navigation, cargo operations, and lifesaving equipment
aboard a ship. They report to the captain, who on larger ships does not typically
stand watches. They consist of the first officer (0400 to 0800, 1600 to 2000), second
officer (0000 to 0400, 1200 to 1600) and third officer (0800 to 1200, 2000 to 2400).
The cruise ship industry is a
significant source of
employment opportunities for
deck officers today. The
is more focused on the cruise
industry than we are. We
noticed two new postings in
its current opportunities page.
Norwegian Cruise Line is
looking for a First Officer.
Royal Caribbean is also
looking for deck officers that
include first and second
officers as well as an
environmental officer.
In addition to watchstanding duties, first officers are in charge of cargo operations,
second officers are in charge of navigation, and third officers are in charge of
lifeboats and lifesaving equipment. First or second officers may also act as the
ship medical officer. Deck officers carry Coast Guard licenses of certificates of
competency, depending on the country of ship’s registry.
Hapag Lloyd is one of
the world's largest
maritime employers.
here  to learn
more about their career
opportunities for deck

They are an
international employer
and additionally have a
program for deck
cadets. Their careers
webpage gives further
details about their
available positions.